Media Services Borrowing Policies

Borrowers must agree to the following guidelines:

Loan of Equipment

  • Only Biola students, faculty, and staff may borrow equipment.
  • Patrons may not check out equipment if their library account is blocked due to fines or overdue items.
  • Patrons are responsible for all equipment checked out to them. Patrons should be aware of the operation and value of the equipment prior to checking it out. Media Services staff can assist with this determination.
  • Equipment may be checked out earlier than the time it has been reserved for if the equipment is already available, but there are no guarantees that it will be available in advance of its booking.
  • Should equipment become faulty for any reason, return it immediately to Media Services and let the staff know about the problem.
  • Patrons are responsible for returning all equipment in the same condition as when received.
  • Equipment must be returned to Media Services and checked in by a staff member during our open hours. Equipment must not be deposited at any other service desk on campus or in the Library. Equipment returned to any location other than the Media Services service desk will not be checked in and will receive a fine
  • Fines will be enforced if the equipment is returned late. It is important to note that fines accrue hourly, and are scaled according to the value of the equipment. They range from $0.50 to $2.00 per hour.
  • Check-out privileges may be revoked due to careless handling of equipment or repeated late returns.

Terms of Equipment Loan

  • Materials may be checked out for up to 1 week for staff and students, and up to 3 weeks for faculty.
  • Due to high demand, iPads and laptop computers are limited to a 3 day [this may change] checkout period for students and staff, and a 1 week checkout for faculty.
  • Up to 25 items may be checked out.
  • Renewals may be made in person with the item(s) in hand provided the item(s) has (have) not been reserved by another patron.
  • Laptop Computers
    • Patrons may not install software on a computer without permission from Media Services professional staff.
    • Patrons should transfer work from a Media Services computer to an external storage device or network since the computer will be cleaned off once it is returned.

Lost or Damaged Equipment

For equipment which is not returned, lost, stolen, or damaged beyond repair, the patron will be responsible for the full replacement cost.

For equipment which is damaged but may be repaired, the patron will be responsible for the repair charges.

Costs assessed against patrons will be placed on their library account and should be paid at the circulation desk of the library.

Reservation of Equipment

  1. Biola faculty, students, and staff may reserve equipment by filling out the Media Services Request form or calling (562) 903-4808, or in person during open hours (reservations by voice mail are not accepted).
  2. Reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis and may be requested up to one month in advance.
  3. Please note that the reservation request must be approved by a Media Services staff member and must be made at least 48 hours in advance of the date that the equipment is needed. You will receive an email when your request has been processed. Requests submitted less than 48 hours in advance may be denied depending on current demands on the department.

Equipment Pick-Up and Return

  1. Equipment should be picked up after the start of the reservation period but before the end of the day. If the reserved equipment is not picked up by the end of the day, the reservation will be cancelled. If you wish to pick up the equipment earlier than the start of the reservation period, please call to see if it is available. If you have reserved equipment and find that you do not need it, please call to cancel the reservation so that others may use it.
  2. Media Services will strive to honor reservations. If the equipment you have reserved has not been returned to Media Services in a timely manner, we will do our best to find alternative equipment or to notify you when the equipment is returned.
  3. Please allow plenty of time (at least 10 minutes) for the check out and check in of the equipment you have requested, as we strive to ensure this is done accurately, due to the expense and high demand of the equipment.
  4. Equipment must be returned directly to a staff member at the Media Services office during open hours. Equipment cannot be dropped off at the Circulation Desk or in the book drop.

Media Services loans equipment free of charge but does not deliver, set up, or cleanup for events. Patrons desiring high-end production equipment and/or the assistance of a trained technician should contact Event Services.

Outdoor events requiring amplified sound must comply with Biola University’s outdoor event policy.

Classrooms equipped with permanently installed media equipment are maintained by Instructional Services. Questions concerning location and assistance should be directed to Instructional Services, located in the Information Technology Office, Lower Metzger or at extension 4740.

Feel free to call Media Services (562) 903-4808 or email if you have any questions.

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